How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend Update

Good news: We received our furnishing allowance money yesterday and can now start moving out of the hotel!
 Bad News: my account has a block on it and I can't access my money because some moron at the bank branch seemingly misplaced the copies of my passport and stamped visa (I'm not the only one this happened to- there are other equally pissed off teachers in the hotel). I was told I had to take the copies to the Al Ain Mall branch last night. The service rep at the bank made copies of my copies and then told me, "Inshallah, you will have block removed tonight". Block is still there, so don't give me anymore "Inshallah" doublespeak. I have four days to get out of hotel and have no access to my money.

Internet/cable guy still hasn't been out to the apartment to complete the installation of services.. maybe tomorrow afternoon?

Am bracing myself to place a call into the dentist's office and try to get another appointment (although at this point maybe I should just leave the tooth alone, be very gentle with it for the next twelve weeks or so, and just have it fixed in December when I go home for a visit).

Last night at Applebee's it took fifteen minutes for a waitress to even take our order, forty-five minutes for the food to arrive, then they threw out my leftovers that I had asked them to put in a go tray, then it took thirty minutes before they got the check to us. They didn't get a tip

Seeing a pattern here?

I am taking out my own twisted, ill thought revenge by blasting "Big Balls" on the CD player as I drive around. I don't know what kind of revenge it is; it just makes me feel happy to sing, "But we've got the biggest balls of them all" at the top of my lungs.
A friend and I are going to The Rugby Club tonight for a drink and to socialize with some other expat teachers. I am leaving the Go Cart car at the hotel and we are taking a taxi. I am predicting a cherry vodka and Sprite in my future. I spent part of the day sleeping trying to keep Arthur under control, and I had some really weird dreams.  

Observation: Night arrives early here  By six thirty or so it almost completely dark- then Al Ain comes to life. People all over the mall last night at almost 9:30 p.m.

Another Observation: there is a skating rink in the Al Ain Mall..  so very surreal to walk into the mall from 108 degree weather and see pre-teen and teen girls skating around on the ice pretending they are in some kind of Disney on Ice show, while Ariel's singing mermaid voice blasts over the speaker system.

Another Another Observation: I really need a pedicure...

P.S Went down to the lobby to meet a friend and decided to check the ATM.. I can now access the money! Went to the mall and bought some towels, bath mats, and soap. Tomorrow I go order my mattress. One step closer to getting out of this hotel.

P.S.S Sorry I was so complainy and bitchy and just a really not nice person. I'm happier now. Funny what a little certainty and people doing what they say they are going to do can do to improve your overall outlook on life.

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