How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Friday, July 20, 2012

First offical word on leave dates for Abu Dhabi

An email arrived today from Nirvana, the travel agency that ADEC is using to get all of us 2012 teachers to Abu Dhabi next month. The email stated that we should be prepared to leave anywhere from August 6-11, and that they would follow up with an itinerary next week..
Getting close, I guess. 

The exact wording of the email is:

Nirvana Travel and Tourism is one of the leading Travel Agent in U.A.E., in the capital city of Abu Dhabi working closely with Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). We offer the best holiday package deals for destinations around the globe. Through our various services, we offer visitors unique opportunities to enjoy world's beauty. We assure you of our undivided dedication to provide all customers with our finest personal services and facilities, quality work and maximum value and ensuring the highest service is being delivered at all times.
Please find our service!
§    Meet& Assist service from the Aircraft to the Hotels
§    Luxury Transfers
§    Pre-booked accommodation for easy check-in
§    Ticketing and worldwide hotel reservations
§    Holidays tailor made Packages
§    Groups Camping in and outside of the UAE
§    Travel Insurance
§    Corporate travel services
§    Tours, excursion and safaris

Having said all the above, kindly find below the important notes for your travel arrangements:
Are you Ready to Travel! Travel dates for all the teachers and families will range starting from 6th – 11th August 2012. Please start preparing your arrangements accordingly.  Please note that by next week ADEC will finalize processing your visa.  We would like to inform you to prepare yourself for your travel.

Confirming Ticket Travelling to Abu Dhabi U.A.E.
Once your ticket is booked Nirvana Team will send  your travel itinerary and entry permit visa to your   e-mail, please check them and make sure the below is in order:

·         your name and family members travelling with you  on the itinerary
·         Date of travel
·         Departure City and Airport
·         Picture on your Visa and etc

To confirm the itinerary please reply back to the same person who sent the itinerary to you that you and your family members are able to fly on these date to be able to issue the ticket. Once we receive your confirmation e-mail we will send you the e-ticket with ticket number.

Important Notes:
·         Baggage allowance is as per airlines policy
·         Meet and assist will be available upon arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport
·         Transportation is arranged from Abu Dhabi Airport to your hotels
·         Hotel has been booked for you and your family (if coming) on Bed and Breakfast) only

Thank you for your cooperation and wishing you to have a pleasant trip!
Yours sincerely,
Nirvana Travel Team
With Regards,
Semhal Ukubamichael
Asst.Project Manager

Looks like it’s really going to happen.  I am very excited, yet a little sad because Dad is currently in Emory Hospital undergoing medication adjustment and evaluation.  He doesn’t understand why he is there, and time has so little meaning to him anymore that he can’t gauge the passage of it accurately. I’d give just about anything if I could have my pre-Alzheimer’s dad back for five minutes so he could share my excitement and tell me he is proud of me. It’s going to be the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life when I get on that plane and leave him behind… but my dad wouldn’t want me to stop my life. He understood about making dreams come true, creating one’s own adventures, and enjoying what life offers. That’s what I am going to try and remember. Sometimes I feel like it’s damned if I go, damned if I stay. 

But I will go, and I will live a little bit extra each day for my dad.

As far as physical preparations go, I am almost finished. I still need to decide which items I simply MUST have with me in Abu Dhabi, weed out any un-necessaries, pack my three bags, make sure the bags don’t weigh over 50 lbs each, and pick up my medication letters and medical records from my doctors.  Almost finished? Yeah, right.

I am so ready to get back in the classroom and teach. Ready to feel useful again.


  1. Do you know what you will be teaching??

  2. English Lit and writing 10-12 grade girls.. so that's what I was told at the interview.