How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deep Thoughts

I don't think I have ever written two entries in one day on this blog, but I took an afternoon sabbatical, locked myself in my hotel room, and have been contemplating. Yeah, I know.. I could burn some brain cells that way.

Things I don't understand:

1. Name brand high end items like Coach or Gucci.. Do you know how many books I could buy for the price of one Coach bag???  The Coach bag will some day end up discarded and forgotten. The knowledge and entertainment I gain from reading stays with me forever (and I'm not talking Danielle Steele or that Fifty Shades of Grey garbage). I proudly carry the bag I bought at Claire's, and yes, it always has a book tucked away inside for emergencies. Currently it's The Dressmaker of Khair Khana.

2. People who value material items over experiences and knowledge. Guess this really goes back to item number 1, huh?

3. People who have become so locked into their own little world of negativity and bitching that they wouldn't be able to see the silver lining if you shoved it up their ass in a dark alley during a full moon. Sliver linings have an ethereal glow, don't you know.

4.People who ONLY see things as ALL positive- think Pangloss in Candide: "All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds." No, it's not.  Optimism carried to the extreme bugs the crap out of me and makes me want to bang my head against a cement wall. Or better yet, bang the heads of the eternal optimists against a cement wall.  There's such a thing as too much silver lining...

 I am a realist and know that "shit happens" sometimes, but life is never all bad or good. It's a fine mixture and each of us, if we stay in this earth long enough, end up taking turns at being the fire hydrant or the dog.. and life ain't fair.

6. Pretty, intelligent women who think they have to pay dumb and clueless. I can't dwell on this subject too deeply because I will end up banging my head against a cement wall if I do.

7. Why people would even consider eating fried chicken livers and gizzards, chitlins, pickled pig's feet, caviar, and feta cheese. I think my deep thought process just hit that cement wall.


  1. You had me, right up until feta cheese. That's good stuff, girl! :D (Actually, truly - it's really good crumbled up into a dish of watermelon.... sweet & salty-ish together....mmmm! Throw a little fresh mint in and heav. en.)

    But I totally get you on the other. Life is good and bad together, and what counts more is what you do with what you're given. Some days, you'll do better than others and it's all okay.

    Love you & can't wait until you come back and tell us all your Abu Dhabi stories!

  2. We got a problem. I love caviar and feta cheese....

    Your husband

    1. we obliviously have a mixed marriage my dear...

    2. Yes and our first date we went to a Jazz club; you told me you liked Jazz. It was not until after we had gone to several Jazz clubs on our visits to NYC, and after we got married that you told me you did not like Jazz. I knew about feta cheese, but now I find out you don't like caviar.....

  3. I love #3, but disagree with feta cheese... but there can be too much feta sometimes too, and I don't make sandwiches out of it either. Thanks for making me laugh for the first time in days.