How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Quick Update and Check In

Just a note to say that with the world chaos going on that I and the other teachers are very safe in the UAE. Work day was normal. Taught my girls, had a few items delivered to my apartment, then came back to the hotel and had a nice microwave dinner (Chef Boyardee spaghetti I brought from Georgia).

I haven't heard anyone mention one word about current Middle East happenings, and I work with teachers from Syria, Egypt, Jordan, etc.

I did drive in Al Ain for the first time last night and that was scarier than the reports on CNN. Drove ten minutes from the hotel and it took me two hours to find my way back. I hate Round Abouts and no left hand turns. I am still traumatized. I think my poor hapless passenger/victim now hates me (sorry Suzanne, and also sorry to Kathy who was my passenger/victim today..).

Brown gravy mix in envelopes
sweet pickle relish
regular loaf of bread (they have something called "milk" bread here... WTH?)

And I need to buy a pair of GOOD sunglasses. These cheap ones I have aren't cutting it; the sun is too intense and I feel like my retinas are scorched.

And I chipped my bottom tooth and have an appointment to get it fixed with a dentist in NMC Medical on the 21st (appointment was made by my United States Blue Cross Insurance and the dentist is conveniently located next door to my hotel) The entire chipping the tooth was another "WTH?" moment because when it occurred, I was flossing. I was doing what the dentist told me to do...

My girls at school are lovely, sweet, polite, endearing, and eager to learn. I love them already. They are the highlight of my day.

It is Thursday night now, and time to start my weekend (our weekend is Friday and Saturdays)! Sounds exciting to be half way around the world in an exotic locale on a weekend, huh? But, the truth of the matter is that about all I am going to do is sleep.  Yep, that's me.. the party animal.

Adjustment issues are starting to rear their ugly heads  Believe me, culture shock is REAL. Fortunate in that I am in the hotel with some great teachers/people from all over..

Had dad on my mind a lot lately.

Aloha, y'all.

P.S Love you, Daddy...

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  1. WTH, I would say GPS where are you but there's no need if not familiar. Ah eventually you will get the hang of driving there. I would like to Skype when Mike's here. Dylan thinks you're still in Cochran, lol
    love you.