How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's No Place Like Home..

Dad is home.

My brother and his wife went to visit dad last night at the V.A Hospital to see if they could help calm him. My brother was horrified by what he saw and he signed dad out. When they got to mom’s house, dad was nonverbal, and had to practically be carried into the house. I don’t know if he even knew who we were.

Dad has not had any of his meds in three days because he refused to take them at the V.A. He may be going through withdrawals from some of them. I am worried about his blood pressure because it has a tendency to shoot sky high when he doesn’t take his blood pressure medications.

My brother has to go back to Fayetteville today, so I will go over to mom's and stay. We will spend the next few days searching for someone with some nursing care experience to come into the house to help mom.

I don’t understand what happened at the V.A. I don’t understand how such a changed man came back to us last night. He is completely different. If he had stayed the entire two weeks he would have died. There is no doubt in my mind. I can't even write about what my brother told me he saw at the V.A. It was supposed to be two weeks of respite care so mom could go to the doctor, have her teeth cleaned, and rest. The time was also to be used so the V.A could evaluate dad and his meds. None of that happened. It turned into a nightmare with mom crying all the time due to worrying about dad, and dad slipping into a rabbit's hole.

Just spoke to my brother on the phone and he said they were sitting on the deck in the sun. Dad is more responsive this morning.

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  1. How horrific! I am so glad your brother was able to get your dad out and home before something worse happened. I have a friend whose dad has severe Alzheimer's, and he now qualifies for hospice care. Between Hospice and the hired caregivers, my friend and her mom have some respite themselves. Have y'all started down that path yet? It will help, I'm sure, even though that seems a scary step to take.