How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't it Make my Blue Eyes Brown (Did You Hear Crystal Gayle's Voice When You Read That?)?

It occurred to me tonight that very soon I will be boarding a plane for a country where almost all the inhabitants have dark hair and dark eyes. I have blue, blue, eyes and blonde hair (okay, so it was blonde when I was young and now it’s Miss Clairol, but it’s still blonde, damn it). Is this going to be like when I was a child living in Japan and Crete? Are people going to continually touch my hair and make comments about my eyes?  I don’t like people horning in on my personal space and touching me, unless they are swatting a wasp away from me . Do I need to buy brown contact lenses and change over to Miss Clairol brunette? Are my hair and eyes going to be a hindrance and distraction when I arrive in Abu Dhabi? Will I be able to blend in and "people watch" at the mall the way I do now?  I love to people watch, but it has to be done discreetly and I can't people watch if people are watching ME.

I am driving myself crazy over the little things.

Will they have vanilla wafers? Will the desalinated water make my hair coarse and dry? Will I be able to find a good bookstore for Saturday browsing? Will I ever figure out the dirham currency exchange rate? Will I be able to converse with my students’ parents or will I be reduced to just standing there and smiling stupidly? Will I be able to get all my current medications (very important at my age)? Will I suddenly develop a craving for pork BBQ and Brunswick stew (I haven’t eaten pork in over two years..)?  Will I be able to stop uttering “fuck” under my breath every so often (bad, bad habit)?  Will I find out who shot J.R..... wait that was in 1980. Never mind. I think the Miss Clairol is getting to my brain.

 The People Watching eyes.....

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