How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Weeks to Abu Dhabi: Things Accomplished, Webinar, BOBs, Facebook, and Twister....

About six weeks left on the Abu Dhabi countdown clock. I have managed to get the following tasks completed this past week in preparation for my transplantation:

*Downloaded all my music onto my jump drive from my desktop and put it ALL on my laptop

* I bought a long navy blue skirt with a tunic style long sleeved shirt for my first day in the classroom (if I am not told to wear an abaya). I love Old Navy! 

Disclaimer: I’m not crazy.. I plan my first day back to school outfits EVERY year! It is an activity that helps me get excited about a new school year.

*Also weeded out some more clothes I was going to take to Abu Dhabi and then decided against (more room for books!).

Not much accomplished, I know. Time is getting short and I have got to stop procrastinating. I’ll do it tomorrow.

But a little bit of kudos to me! I finally purchased my VPN service (astrill) so I can bypass UAE censored internet when I get to Abu Dhabi.  I like to watch Netflix movies from time to time.. I still haven’t decided if I want to buy a Magic Jack Plus for a phone. Might be a good idea to go to Abu Dhabi, scout things out a bit, and then when I come home Christmas buy a Magic Jack , if I feel a need for it. I loaded Skype on Mom’s computer. My granddaughter, oldest son, brother, and husband also have Skype, as do a lot of my friends, so I won’t be starved for back home conversation.

I participated in a pre-departure webinar today via Teach Away (the company that ADEC uses to scout for teachers). Some of the topics covered were:
The incoming teachers will be booked on Etihad Airlines into Abu Dhabi. Nirvana is the travel agency who handles our e tickets (only contact them with REAL problems- not because you don't like a flight date/time) and we all should take Nirvana's phone number  with us in our carry on luggage in case we miss a flight or need to contact Nirvana during the trip; the phases of culture shock( honeymoon, rejection, adjustment, acceptance, reverse culture shock); possible challenges we might face and suggestions for handling each (classroom management, lack of resources, location and school placement, housing, lack of support); work dress and outside dress; etiquette (no eating with left hand, do not cross legs or expose soles of shoes; appropriate discussion topics (family, food, travel) and inappropriate discussion topics ( sex, spouses, religion, politics); go to to learn some common Arabic phrases; make plans for up to six weeks with no pay (better safe than sorry); bring authenticated documents (hard copies) and originals of teaching certificate and degrees, as well as electronic copies; and we were given info to look on a website for earning our TEFL while in AD (all online at 100 hours $995.00 USD.
Also, teachers who are single parents or couples who have children under 3 years old will be allowed to bring families with them when they arrive in August instead of families following on a later flight after orientation.  
That’s about all I remember. I was eating Mandarin Orange chicken while I tried to pay attention. 

Tomorrow I will get online and order the router I need for the VPN.  I have also been looking at hand scanners ..  Electronics and computer type products are more expensive in the UAE, so I may as well buy before I go.  And really, who wants to have to go shopping immediately upon arrival with a bad case of jet lag riding their ass? Not me.  In fact at this very minute, packed securely in my luggage, are a UAE voltage compatible hair dryer and hair straightener.  Brand new. I may have already mentioned that tidbit in an earlier entry, but I am so proud of myself for thinking ahead, so humor me.

BOBs (sssssshhhhhh! Taboo...)
Some of the women on one of the Facebook sites for teachers going to Abu Dhabi revived an old posting from the 2011 teachers who were awaiting departure. The posting brought up a very valid question about ladies bringing their BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriends) to Abu Dhabi in their luggage.. The responses were informative, as well as hilarious. 

I think everyone is starting to get a little punchy and wound tight as a Slinky from all the waiting (wait to interview, wait to hear if we’re hired or not, wait for authenticated papers, wait for e-tickets…). New Facebook pages for Abu Dhabi teachers keep splintering off, forming new pages, deleting members, etc. It’s, as one teacher put it, like being in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.  I think we all just need a good drink and then we need to play a rousing game of Twister. Twister solves just about everything. You can’t stay mad playing Twister, especially if you’ve had a drink or two.


  1. 6 weeks (or so) and we're off.

    Twister is fun; naked Twister is better (that's what I heard).

  2. I am enjoying reading your blogs funnnnnnnnnny!!!!!