How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bling me Baby!!!!

I joined pinterest.  Pinterest, the new internet site where you create boards with your interests, look over your friends’ interests, and steal their ideas to ‘pin” to your boards-  in reality I waste hours upon hours of otherwise productive time clicking through interesting projects. Meanwhile the dog hasn’t been fed and I’m still in my jammies at noon, but damn, one of husband’s keys is pretty as hell!!


Last night, 3 a.m. I couldn’t sleep. I was bored. I was restless. I pulled my husband’s shop key from his keychain (husband was sleeping soundly and obliviously in the next room). I smeared the top portion of the shop key with a thin coating of Elmer’s glue. I then dipped the top of the key into a bottle of silver glitter. I held the key between my teeth for about a half an hour so the glitter and glue combo could dry. I then placed the key on my husband’s desk to finish drying completely so that later (this morning) I could apply several coats of clear fingernail polish to seal in the glitter.  Mission accomplished. The key is BLINGED!!

My dear husband woke up this morning, saw the key shining, flashing, beckoning to him… and he merely shook his head. The other two keys on the key ring now appear bland in comparison to the blinged key. They just can’t compete.


 This idea came from pinterest.  I need to stay off pinterest. There is quite a lot of damage that a jar of glitter, Elmer’s glue, and moi could cause….

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