How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abu Dhabi Countdown Ticks Away

Only about twelve weeks until I leave to go to Abu Dhabi. School starts on Sept. 4th, however, the Abu Dhabi Education Council wants the teachers there ahead of time so we can get our medical checks completed and go through orientation. Rumor has it that we will be flying out sometime between August 8-11, but that is subject to change, as I understand all things in Abu Dhabi are. Ramadan won’t end until August 18, and I am torn between wanting to witness some of the holy month and not wanting to be there because  I won’t be able to drink water in public, and it is HOT over there in August!

I have done a lot- bought suitcases, packed my teacher supplies and my long skirts, ordered several pairs of dress sandals, gotten my official papers in order and made copies, and loaded up a jump drive (a UGA one~!) with teaching materials, but I still have so much to do.  First and foremost, I need to decide which laptop I want and get it ordered.. soon. I also need to order a VPN service to install on the laptop. Finally, as far as technology goes, I am going to have to download skype, netflix and other programs. The internet in the UAE is restricted, so downloading skype and other programs while I am still in the USA is essential, as I cannot download or install them once I arrive in Abu Dhabi.

I am also going to visit all of my doctors one last time and have them write letters concerning the prescription drugs I am taking with me. I have appointments lined up.  I will see my general practitioner, my gynecologist, and my rheumatologist. I am going to make sure that I get refills on all my medications by August 5th, including my three months of Enbrel.  I was kind of worried about transporting the Enbrel, but I phoned Enbrel support and they sent me a small bag in which to store the injection sureclicks for the trip. It holds two cold packs to keep the sureclicks cool.  In addition to doctors and seeing about my medications, I am going to have my teeth checked and cleaned on June 6.  Nothing like a clean fresh smile to take along to Abu Dhbai!

What else? Clean out my office here at home; decide which seven books I am taking with me (I am limiting myself so I can take some books for my students); spend time with my husband, friends, and family; and try and prepare myself mentality and physically for what is ahead.  The trip will take a toll on my sleep patterns and general energy level for a few days, and the mental processes of adjusting to a new culture will leave me gasping after the newness and sense of adventure have worn off and real life settles in.  It's going to be a huge adjustment, but I'm up to the challenge 

Hopefully, by the end of June, all the preparation work to leave will be completed and I can relax the entire month of July and read, write, and cook the month away..

Weird stuff I have packed for Abu Dhabi:

Black pepper, crab boil, season salt, packs of pencils, and instant oats with flax seed. And yes, those are bunny ears.. Don't ask.

The train is going by the house right now, blowing its whistle. I am going to miss the sound of the train..

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