How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs and other UAE Observations

I am determined to try and balance out my overly critical, serious UAE Journal posts with weird and silly UAE observations. Kind of like having to eat my broccoli if I have four slices of cheesecake.. and I know, some of these do make fun of the UAE and they may sound critical, but I make fun of everything, so chill, okay? I am an equal opportunity person when it comes to shit like this. I come visit your part of the world and I promise I'll make fun of it.

Sit back, contemplate, shake your head, laugh your ass off.  Whatever.

 They must have used google translate:

I am quite sure this is supposed to be an uplifting message..

Come on!  ADEC has plenty of Westerner educators working in the main office who SHOULD have caught this:
And this person works with the Principle...

The message at the bottom of this flyer states, "Grand Mart International Supermarket with the grace of god announces the opening of its new branch..". Okay, here is my irreverent side: I didn't know god was that interested in consumerism..

 Right before I left the UAE I received this notice via the building super about transferring electricity, but it had no date or instructions. Pretty par for the course..

Al Ain Museum: Very good attempt at recognizing America's last Apollo flight taking a miniature UAE flag into space. Only problem: the photos of the "Apollo crew" are actually the doomed Challenger astronauts..

Is a FAMOUSE person a mouse/human hybrid?

Smurfette sure is showing a lot of skin.... Go Smurfette.

Old cholesterol man himself: Ronald McDonald!! UAE has the second highest rate of diabetes in the world and heart disease is rampant. They keep this up and they'll be more fat people speaking Arabic than fat people who say, "y'all".

Sign in Al Ain park telling me what all I can't do. Due to poor translation I was not exactly certain what all I was allowed and not allowed to do. I was scared to move an inch.

This little guy scared the hell out of me. He has a future in slasher films..

But, wow, the sunrises pure out rocked.

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