How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Have Been "Blocked" by an Entire Freaking Country!!

"This site has been blocked due to content that is contrary to the societal and cultural norms of the sultanate."

Hot diggidity damn. The above is the message that a friend of mine who is teaching in Oman received when she tried to access my blog today. I have been censored!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my good friends who have not only put up with my irreverent opinionated views and verbal outbursts, but have actually encouraged them by not throwing me to the ground and beating the shit out of me. I couldn't have done it without them.

Oman thinks what I have written doesn't coincide with the "societal and cultural norms of the sultanate"?  And I haven't even posted the entries about the transsexual orgies; the willful spreading of oral herpes simplex I, pink eye, and free thinking by the Western expats; or that I allowed my UAE students to listen to The Ramones one day when we were bored. "Rock and Roll High School' was a HUGE hit! The contagious diseases, not so much.. But I think the free thinking thingy might catch on.

Oh, and now that my friend can't access my blog that means I can post about her all day long and she won't know it. I can write about the night that she.... maybe I need to save that for another entry. I have miles to write and more countries to be censored in before I sleep.

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