How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Twas The Night Before Takeoff...

Tomorrow at 4:45 my plane leaves from Atlanta. I will arrive in Abu Dhabi August 23 at 11:45 pm Abu Dhabi time. Guess this is the the REAL countdown, huh?

 Jim and I had to rent an SUV in Warner Robins in able to get all my luggage (three 50 pound bags) packed in. If we had packed them in the Z4 I wouldn't have had room to ride...

After we picked up the rental, we drove straight to Emory Hospital so I could spend time with Dad. He looked good today and smiled HUGE when he saw me. I leaned over the wheelchair and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me and cried.  He is able to sleep all night now, isn't agitated, his appetite is back, and his muscles spasms and twitches are largely gone. We listened to Merle Haggard and Alan Jackson on the CD player, he ate peaches and ice cream (and all his dinner), and Mom and I took him outside to the courtyard for awhile. He really perks up when he's outside. He's always loved spending time outdoors. When I  left the hospital I held him and told him that I loved him, and he said, "I love you more than anything". 

Tonight I am spending the night at my brother's house 20 minutes from the airport. (Mike, I am going to jack the AC down to 72 degrees so I can sleep, so watch out for that next electric bill).

Bed time for Bonzo... Gonna go cuddle with My Jim.

P.S I have my correct passport WITH me. Superman made certain....


  1. Here’s an update from Teri’s husband - Teri made her flights and is in Abu Dhabi. To make sure that she did not forget anything this time, I made a check list of required items.

    1. Have correct passport, with correct married name, and expiration date, and no holes or other marks defacing the passport.
    2. Have current travel visa.
    3. Have money belt, with money in it.
    4. Have wallet with cash in it.
    5. Have credit card.
    6. Have bank debit card.
    7. Have medicines, with notarized copies of the signed doctors’ prescriptions.
    8. Have ice packs for the medicines that need to be kept cold.
    9. Have luggage tags securely fastened to each bag, including hand carried bags.
    10. Have purple ribbon on each bag for easy identification.

    I used the checklist at home the night before we left after the maybe last packing.
    I used the checklist again the next day before we loaded the car.
    I used the checklist once car was loaded, and before we drove off.
    I used the checklist again that night when we stayed at her brother’s house outside of Atlanta.
    I used the checklist the next morning before we packed the car again.
    I used the checklist once the car was loaded, and before we drove off.
    And the final check was when we arrived at the airport.

    It worked.

    But what was not on the checklist? – a major creature comfort – but not something to prevent her departure. Teri was adamant that she take her Bose speakers. When she was planning her packing, and thought she had all done – this was prior to the first attempt to leave – she realized that she had not packed her Bose speakers. She took out some of her teaching supplies; it was important to have her Bose speakers to listen to music at night than to have all the tools for her classroom. Skip ahead now, the day after she successfully arrives in Abu Dhabi, I receive an email from her – “I forgot the power cord for the Bose speakers.” So she cannot use the Bose speakers and left home some of her teaching supplies….

  2. ..even went to Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi today to try and buy a cord. No such luck. Will arrange a mail location here in Abu Dhabi so Jim can mail me the cord.. I am desperate!