How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Enny Meeny Minney MORE Tales of "Trying to Get to Abu Dhabi" (A Continuing Saga)

I spent the first part of the day today trying to reason with the travel agency that takes care of the flight itineraries for teachers going to Abu Dhabi.

It played out like this:
This morning I noticed there were a good many teachers in Group Two (the group I am supposed to be going with) leaving from Atlanta next week. They were posting that they had received their itineraries and were sharing flight days and times. I hadn't received mine yet. Little red alarm bells went off in my head and I started trying to get the email of a reliable contact person at the travel agency. My friend, Pam, gave me her rep’s name and email address (Pam received her itinerary this morning. Way to go, girl!!).  I emailed the rep and explained the situation:

My name is Teri Adams. I was to fly out of Atlanta, Georgia into Abu Dhbai on August 9, 2012.. I missed my flight.

Kelly, at Teachaway, emailed and told me I would fly out with Group Two anywhere from August 22 to August 25 leaving from Atlanta, Georgia.

I still have not received an itinerary or e ticket from XYZ travel. My last representative at your agency was Mohamad *****.

I already have my entry visa printed out that Mr. Mohamad sent.

If someone else at your angency has been assigned the task of taking care of my travel arrangements could you email me his or her contact information?

Please advise if my name is on Group Two list to leave from Atlanta next week. If not, I need to contact Teachaway again and contact ADEC.
Thank you,

About an hour later (it was about 10:00 p.m Abu Dhabi time) I received an email back that stated:

Dear Ms. Teri,
Greetings from XYZ travel!
Please be advised that once we will received your entry visa we will send your itinerary.

What the hell? THEY have my entry visa… I told them in my email that they had my entry visa.  I email back:

Your agency has my entry visa. I have my entry visa. Mohamad has my entry visa... Does ADEC have to send another entry visa to XYZ travel agency since I missed my flight August 9?

Attached is a copy of my entry visa…

Teri Adams

 Three hours later I receive this email:

Dear Ms. Teri,
Good day…
We will be sending your itinerary early on Saturday.
 Thank you…

So, I had to send my entry visa to the agency that first sent it to me so they would know they had it. Nowadays, the name of the game is PROACTIVE when it comes to customer service. 

And speaking of customer service:
It is my belief that the current state of customer service worldwide is directly proportional to the evolutionary process of the shrinking of brain cells caused by massive consumption of reality television. Everyone may not know exactly who Honey Boo Boo is (I had to google her last week and I am so very sorry I did...), but I’d bet my not-so-sweet-anymore-ass that each and every country has an equivalent.  Blame it on MTV and The Real World (circa 1992). They started it, and now thanks to MTV we have an entire generation that has been raised liberally on reality television, and they are in control of worldwide customer service. ‘Nuff said?

And I leave next week.. again. This time I am taking each and every passport that has ever been issued to me and tying them all around my neck in my own version of a lei... Pick a passport. I have several to offer, including a current one.

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  1. Honey, once you do get on that plane it will be because you are the most determined woman I have ever seen! Weaker folks would have given up by now. Not you! You are a Warrior Woman!