How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rants and Rags From My Little Corner of the World

Rants and Rags

First the rants:
1. I am so freaking tired of the same sex marriage debate. I mean, really? Different sex marriage has sure worked out for us, hasn’t it?  *note sarcasm* I think we ought to give this same sex marriage thing a try and see if they can, like, get it right.

2. And the gun debate? There’s a simple solution. Make it a wee bit more difficult to gain access to legal guns ( I’m talking about practical use guns that you can lock up in a small safe, not AKs and submachine guns- that’s just plain stupid for anyone to own that shit). Then pass a law that we get to blow up illegal gun sellers and buyers with bazookas on national television.  Or we get to run them over with tanks, then shoot them with bazookas.

3. Prisoner rehabilitation is an oxymoron. In America there is no prisoner rehabilitation, just profit margins. Anytime you make incarceration a for profit system you have already doomed it to failure (or success, depends on how you look at it).

4. EVERY country worldwide that tolerates their women citizens being treated like perpetual children, continues to allow their male citizens to abuse women with impunity, and encourages pedophilia in the form of arranged marriages in which the girls have literally no say so in the matter should NEVER be allowed to join the United Nations, immediately have all of their McDonald’s restaurants shut down, and all imports of Coke products confiscated ASAP.

 I mean, women’s rights are basic human rights, correct? And the U.N would never allow a country to join who doesn’t support basic human rights, correct?

What? There are countries who are members of the U.N  that continue to trample on the rights of women as human beings? And no one is doing anything about it? 
Okay, that’s it. Form a line on the right. I will be handing out penis removal tools and testicle snippers. No pushing, please, there’s plenty for everyone. Ladies, just take one each and remember to hide it well in your luggage before you travel to far off and exotic locales....

Then the Rags:
1. Today I convinced two children that zombies have taken over the pediatrician’s office. They are convinced that their beloved “Dr. Bill” is now a zombie, as is all of his staff. Going to be funny as hell when the parents try and take those kids back to see Dr. Bill..

2. I cooked spaghetti today and I still have heartburn six hours later. That’s damn good spaghetti.

3. I totally love those little baby Cokes. 7.5 ounces, baby! I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony....... C’mon, sing with me!. You know you want to.

4. Alzheimer's still sucks...... 

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