How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts for April 29, 2012. Eleven of Them to Be Exact

Thought Number One:

If you decide to unfriend God in your life do you think it’s such a good idea to announce that as your facebook status? Especially when you write that you have given God an entire two months to intercede and make your life better and now you’re mad at Him? And do you really think He gives a shit?

Thought Number Two:

Why would anyone want to bury a loved one in the front yard of their home? And does this increase or decrease the value of the property?

Thought Number Three:

Why does a late night trip to the grocery store in which one buys milk, Oreos and a Monty Python movie make one SMILE so much?

Thought Number Four:

Does it make anyone else just a tad nervous that if all technology suddenly failed,  the current generation would not be able to write, calculate, or communicate with one another?

 Thought Number Five:

Music was so much grittier in the 70’s. I mean, c’mon.- AC/DC,  Black Sabbath, The Ramones.

Case closed.

Thought Number Six:

Do you really think there is no link between the increase of cervical degeneration neck surgeries and head banging in the 70’s and 80’s?

Thought Number Seven:

Will this current generation see an increase in thumb surgeries from excess texting? Or maybe hip surgeries caused by the continual stress weight of sagging pants on the hip bones and sockets?

Thought Number Eight:
 I think Dr. House (aka Hugh Laurie) is TOTALLY hot and I dream about him from time to time.

Thought Number Nine:

No matter how sad or bummed out I am feeling, glitter always makes me happy.

Thought Number Ten:

I need a best friend who meets the following qualifications: tall, sparkling blue eyes, preferably gay, in the middle of chemotherapy treatment, and be able to make me laugh so hard I spurt liquid through my nose.   He should also shoot squirrels with a BB gun with less than perfect accuracy. And he should also believe that I am perfectly delightful, even when I’m not.

Thought Number Eleven:

Judas Priest kicks ass.

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