How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Brief Georgia Winter.. Don't Blink.

It is 33 degrees right now, which is almost 0 Celsius for my metrically inclined friends. I am about to freeze my ass off and I am loving every second of it. I covered my gardenia bushes with old sheets and dressed my little dog, Truman, in his cute blue sweater.  I am comfy in my yoga pants, my thick cushy socks, and my STRAND hoodie. I also have pie. Pecan pie.

I am ready for that winter temperature drop, baby, however brief it might be. One to four days of winter, if I'm lucky. And then spring will be here again for approximately three minutes and forty-five seconds, then summer, then fucking summer. Those are the four seasons in middle Georgia: four day winter, three minute forty-five second spring, summer, fucking summer-that-lasts-forever. Yep, we get a grand total of four day winters- tops. That's about all we can hope for in my little piece of the South. That's why we have so many gnats in mid-Georgia; it doesn't stay cold long enough to kill the little bastards in winter. They just swarm into little warm cubby holes, play a couple hands of poker, have a few beers, wait out the four day winter, then they're off again creating more baby gnats and making attack plans on how best to fly up my nose.

But at the moment it is cold and I am ready, yesiree. 

And so is Truman.
Like I said, I have cushy socks. I have pie. 
Bring it on.

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