How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Shopping in the UAE

Didn't go to work yesterday or today while I tried to get Arthur under control. He has hit with a vengeance and I must have done something to really piss him off this time because he hasn't let up for over two weeks now. I finally broke and went to the doctor yesterday. There was really nothing he could do, but he did write me an excuse for two days off so I could rest and try and fool Arthur into going away.  Very nice, young doctor from Philadelphia; Dr. Brent at Oasis Hospital. If you are in Al Ain and need a good doctor I highly recommend Dr. Brent, plus if you are female and young, he is very cute.

Trying to get some Christmas shopping done while I deal with the Arthur attack. Love the shopping. Hate Arthur.

I found two dolls that I'm not so sure about giving to my granddaughters.. I'll let you be the judge:

 I'm thinking they might give the girls nightmares. They might give me nightmares...

The Barbie Arabic counterpart is cute though:

 And I bought Natiional Day dresses for all three granddaughters:

Going to Global Village soon in Dubai and hopefully I will be able to find something cool for my grandsons and nephew. And maybe something for me!

National Day in the UAE is December 7. It's a huge celebration in the UAE that commemorates the formation of the country, and this year is the 41st National Day. There are freaking lights draped/wrapped on everything. I just pretend they are Christmas lights and I sing Christmas songs real loud. Off key. Very off key.

To celebrate National Day, we have a four day weekend off from school: Friday through Monday, and rumor has it that tomorrow will be filled with nothing but National Day celebrations at school and then khallas! The girls will only come back to take exams next week, the following week they won't come to school at all, and then holiday break from December 13 to January 6.

I fly home on December 14th, and am looking forward to eating my fill of butter beans and cornbread. I'll probably gain fifteen pounds my first week back home.

Dad continues to get worse day by day, and it's not easy being so far from him and Mom. I fucking hate Alzheimer's. I know it'll be a shock seeing dad because he has lost a lot of weight and he is not as cognitive as he was when I left in August. But, I am still so ready to see him and wrap my arms around him.

This is my new UAE boyfriend:

 He doesn't say much, but he is fairly agreeable and lets me have my way...

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