How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chapter 3: My Father's Apocalypse "Time"

October 18, 2009
            My oldest son, Adam, is in the United States Marine Corp. He arrived in Iraq five days ago for his second tour. My dad and my oldest son have not seen one another in two years. It devastates Adam. He loves his Papa. My dad has been more of a father to him than his biological dad, who I was divorced from in 1996. My dad has also been “daddy” to all three of my children. When each of my children turned sixteen he bought them a car. When my children had problems they went to Papa because they knew he would take care of it. When they needed a strong male role model in their lives, my dad provided it. I am praying in my own contradictory agnostic way that the disease doesn’t progress quickly while Adam is gone. I want my dad and my oldest son to have one last “normal” time together. I want them to be able to converse and enjoy one another. If the Alzheimer’s will just stay at bay until after May when Adam comes home. Dear Universe, please. Only eight months. Just eight months. Give us that.

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