How I Deal with Life.....

How I Deal with Life.....

Monday, January 27, 2014

Stepping Out of my Closet.

I am coming out of the closet with all of my opinions and beliefs. No more hiding what I think or believe just because someone might not "like" me anymore. If you don't like me go away.

I don't think Obama is doing a good job. In fact, I think he's doing a very piss poor job. I don't think he has ever possessed the leadership abilities that the job demands. I think he has managed to take this country down by so many notches that we may never recover. And yes, he inherited some of the crap, but it's been how many years, folks? That excuse doesn't wash anymore.
        Obama lives in the bottomless pockets of big corporations and the elite 1%, and that is who is really running this country. And stop squawking about how I am a privileged white woman who is only saying this because he is black. Please. This has nothing to do with my being racist. I am not racist. I don't care what color he is. President Obama isn't doing a good job. And yes, other presidents have done piss poor jobs at leading this country also, but I'm not talking about them. There is nothing I can do about them. It's in the past. I am concerned with NOW because that is what we can still do something about.

I think 90% of all politicians are in it for the money only. Like our president, they are nothing but bought and paid for errand boys/girls of big business and corporations. They may go into politics with good intentions, but after years of serving they get so bogged down in the Who-Owes-What-to-Whom score keeping card that they end up not working for the people who elect them.
I am in favor of strict term limits.

Anyone who thinks that politicians can tell a woman what to do with her own body is a jackass. I may not agree with what another woman decides to do with her body, but it isn't my rodeo. It's hers.

I believe in marriage rights for everyone, And don't tell me that if we allow gays to marry then we will have to allow people to marry cats. Or goats. That's bullshit. This is about PEOPLE. Human beings. If two consenting adults love one another and want to make a life together we have no right to tell them that their love isn't valuable or meaningful. When we deny them the right to marry that is the message we are sending.
        And when you say, "I have a gay friend and I like him/her but I believe what he/she is doing is wrong and he/she is going to go to hell and burn if he/she doesn't change", then no, you do not have a gay friend because if that person were really your friend you would realize that who they choose to love does not deserve an everlasting burning in the fiery pits of hell (if hell existed *see below*), YOU are a very sucky friend, and your gay friend doesn't need friends like you. So go away.

I am a humanist which means that I do not believe in an almighty invisible creator up in the sky..  I believe in the power of the individual human.  And no, I am not going to hell for believing the way I do because there isn't a hell (refer to above). This isn't some idea I just woke up with one morning, but one that came from years of soul searching, reading, studying, and pondering. Don't try and "save" me. I am very happy and at peace with my belief system. It works for me. Go do what works for you. You want me to respect your religious beliefs? Then respect mine.

So to summarize: I am an Obama hating, elite corporation hating, term limit supporting, pro choice, pro gay rights humanist.  I think that about sums it up.

Wow. That felt really good.
Now, shall we talk about Coke versus Pepsi?


  1. Coke vrs Pepsi - I'd rather have a Mountain Dew....

  2. Oh, Dear Husband, it is a wonder we have made it to five years.. *sigh*

    1. Cream soda, or an Orange Crush are also high on my list.